How To Increase Save Battery Power on Android

Tips Cara Merawat Baterai Android, Tips Menghemat dan Meningkatkan Baterai Handphone Android, Aplikasi Mengoptimalkan baterai android - Google's Android operating system has been widely used in Mobile brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola and HTC.

The Android operating system is turning the mobile communications and PDA world on its head by offering features, functionality and an open architecture that Threatens to blow away everything else on the market.However, many of the features available on Android devices can cause batteries up to become drained very quickly intervening. Because of this, users of Android devices must intelligently and proactively manage the energy in their batteries.
setting android battery
Gambar diatas adalah pengaturan agar baterai HP Android anda menjadi awet, hemat, menyimpan dengan baik, tidak cepat habis dan aman. Anda dapat mengaturnya dengan masuk ke bagian Settings » About phone » Battery use 

If you ask Android what's using what percentage of available battery power, it will tell you. The vast majority of the time the biggest power hog is the display.

The power-saving options presented here can be used as you wish; all at the same time, individually or in any combination Desired. With the Android OS, the performance becomes more sophisticated because HP can install a variety of applications, games and multimedia via Google Play. HP devices are also equipped with a battery capacity varies (depending on brand and price) to provide power for the HP can work optimally.

Android is known for wasteful batteries, because a lot of applications running simultaneously, other examples alone widgets, games, internet services, and many more.

Well now I'll try to give you some ways and tips to save battery android safe:

  1. Dim the screen. Hp screen memakanpaling much battery usage. so, set the screen brightness at a low level, the trick is able memperawet your android phone battery.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. If you are not using wifi network, then turn off your cell phone wifi in order to conserve the use of android.
  3. Also, turn off bluetooth, gps, sound, and vibration for extended battery life android.
  4. Uninstall unused applications, especially applications that automatically connect to the internet connection such as line, ym, etc..
  5. Adjust the screen brightness (brightness) at the lowest position, or turn off during the day.
  6. Turn off Sync. Scroll down on the home screen, tap the Sync icon. As konsekunesinya you will not get a notification email, facebook, twitter etc..
  7. Reduce the volume and turn off vibrate ring tone
  8. Dispose of applications that are not too important and rarely used.
  9. Install Task Killer app (free) and open periodically to shut down all running processes
  10. Install apps Battery Dr. Saver (free) and open periodically to shut down all running processes
  11. By doing all of the above, will make the battery life on your android phone will be more efficient and not wasteful easy. And the point there will be no money out to buy a new battery is not.
  12. Turn off the GPS. (Settings » Security & location » Enable GPS satellites) When the GPS receiver in your Android device is active it looks for satellites, and its processor prepares information to be sent to any application that needs it, regardless of whether an application that uses the GPS is running or not. If you are not navigating, turn off GPS and let the device use whatever alternative location services your wireless network provider may offer.
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